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Excelsior! is American Cyborg's publication. We write monthly posts, both fiction and non-fiction, covering on-going projects and ideas at our collective.

Excelsior!'s color is Black, and mineral is Carbon.

March 2018

The Temple Threshold

Albatross, Bluebird & Finch mine Joseph Campbell for archetypes applicable to American Cyborg's journey.

January 2018

Address to the Incline

Albatross writes a poem in the dialectal style of Robert Burns, but in Pittsburghese instead of Scottish.

March 2017

Schiaparelli Crater

Albatross sings a song of Mars, as he sews twin sail-making tricoteuse into his plotline.

February 2017

The Black Box Gets Bigger

Bluebird compares her rovers.

January 2017

The Warp and the Weft, or Madame Defarge's Pussy Hat

Bluebird weaves the vertical warp with the horizontal weft in a unifying gesture, as a cozy blanket to help us through this cold, cold winter.

December 2016

Media Blackout

November 2016

Media Blackout

October 2016

Looking at Animals through Webcams

We invite Stephanie Lam to present her take on naturecams, in tandem with Joseph Moore's photographic work on the same theme.

September 2016

The Secret Garden

Bluebird pays tribute to the artist over the garden wall.

August 2016

Rue de Fleurus

Bluebird tends her digital and physical gardens.

July 2016

Ice Therapy

Finch and Bluebird assemble a photo history of ice to counter the heat outside.

June 2016

The Hirsute Heart

Finch embarks on an archeological dig for the hairy heart emoji.

May 2016

Blood Machines

Finch explores early tech paranoia in an episode of The X-Files.

April 2016

West Village in Spring

Albatross & Bluebird take a trip to their favorite jazz club.

March 2016


Bluebird & Finch try to understand media.

February 2016

The Story of the Bird and the Drone

Finch rewrites a classic allegory for modern times.

January 2016

Age of the Sail: Part One

Albatross embarks on a serial fiction of solar sailing.

December 2015

Black Mustang: Part One

Bluebird retells Black Beauty from the perspective of a self-driving car.

November 2015

Evolution as Programming

Finch considers the organic patterns in software architecture.

October 2015

The Button

Albatross takes an existentialist approach to virtual living.

September 2015

Drifting Lithophanes

Finch analyzes a sculpture made by Albatross and Bluebird.

August 2015

Lobster Mechanics

Bluebird takes a trip to Maine and thinks about lobsters.

July 2015

The Metaphorosis

Albatross imagines the life of a more modern bug-man.

June 2015

The Red-Eyed Bug of Byrgir

Albatross considers the future of animalistic robotic policing.

May 2015

In the Pines

Albatross remembers an old neighbor.

April 2015

Vis Viva

Bluebird builds a ghost detector.

March 2015

The Rabbit of Chang'e

Albatross takes the ancient Jade Rabbit to the future.

February 2015

In the Pines

Bluebird sings a railroad song.

January 2015

Flight Time

Albatross sings a smartphone song.